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Legal notice

1. Liability for content; hyperlinks

This website is copyrighted. This website and all of the elements thereof (including, without limitation, company logos, photographs, graphics, illustrations, texts, videos, and website design per se) are the property of ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH. We have prepared the information that appears on this website with due care, and validate it on an ongoing basis. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that these elements are accurate, complete or current, or that they will be available at all times. We issue binding information, advice, recommendations or explanations solely via individual communications.

We reserve the right to modify, add elements to, or remove elements from this website at any time, or to shut down this website. We furthermore cannot guarantee that the content of this website will be suitable for the intended purpose of any individual user.

Any references to third-party websites fall outside the author’s sphere of responsibility. Any liability for the content of any linked page shall be excluded, particularly since the author has no control over the content and/or design of such pages. Liability for the content of any third party website page that is accessible from our website via a hyperlink shall accrue solely to the operator of such third party website, and shall not accrue to any party that refers to any third-party publication and/or content via a hyperlink. Insofar as any hyperlinked page contains unlawful, erroneous, incomplete, or defamatory information (or information that is an affront to common decency), and insofar as the author of any such hyperlinked page is made aware of such content, such author shall remove such link to any such page without delay.

2. Technical advisories

Data digitalization can potentially engender errors. Irregularities in content displays can potentially arise from the use of various Web browsers or individual software settings.

3. Copyright

The content, design and structure of our website are protected by copyright. All rights to such elements are reserved.

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In this regard, any reproduction, editing, or dissemination, and any kind of use whatsoever, in respect of our website and/or any element thereof in whole or in part, shall be subject to our prior written authorization – except insofar as the intended action is lawful in the absence of such authorization. Any downloading or copying of any page of our website shall be allowable solely for personal/private purposes, and shall be prohibited for commercial purposes. Any setting of hyperlinks on our website (including, without limitation, deep links, inline links or frame technology links) shall be subject to our prior written authorization.

To request such authorization, contact us at the following address: 
ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH
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Data privacy

1. Capturing and storage of personal data

Any personal information such as your name, postal address or e-mail address that may be captured on this website is realized on a voluntary basis, insofar as possible. Normally, you can use the content and services on our website without having to provide any personal information. Any other personal data is recorded only insofar as you voluntarily make such data available to us, for purposes such as sending us a query or registering on this website.

Any use (within the context of the statutory obligation to provide legal notice) of disclosed contact data by any third party for the purpose of transferring advertising related information or any other information that is not expressly solicited, is hereby expressly excluded. As the operator of this website, we reserve the right to take legal action in the event of any solicited transmission of promotional materials such as spam.

2. Use, forwarding and deletion of personal data

We shall use any personal data that you may make available to us solely to respond to any query that you may send us, and for technical administration of this website.

Any forwarding, sale or any other transfer of your personal data to any third party shall be effected solely for contract-performance purposes, or insofar as you have expressly authorized such action. For example, in fulfilling an order we may need to send your address and order data to a supplier, insofar as delivery will be effected directly to you from such supplier. Our suppliers shall be provided solely with the information needed to carry out their appointed tasks. Any other use of your personal data shall be strictly prohibited. The foregoing notwithstanding, we are entitled to transmit your personal data to one or more third parties for debt collection purposes, and reserve the right to exchange data with credit rating/information agencies.

We furthermore reserve the right to transfer anonymized usage data for market research purposes. Any identification of specific users in this regard shall be excluded.

3. Data security

We have instituted a number of security measures that protect personal information adequately and to a reasonable extent.

Our databases are protected by physical, technical and process-related measures that limit access to such information to specifically authorized persons, in accordance with the stipulations of this data privacy advisory. Our entire information system is located behind a software firewall, in order to prevent access by other online networks. Our employees are allowed to access your personal data solely on a need to know basis.