It is a well-known fact: metal recycling is not just metal recycling. It is, above all, about enhancing the value of one’s metal residues through optimal metal recycling and the use of the optimum metal recycling technology.

We are experts in this field. Like no other company we have specialised in optimal metal recycling technologiy, based on the so-called Arnold technology, well proven worldwide. More than 80 years of experience in the field of metal processing and with more than 1,300 machines and equipment installed by our company - these facts speak for themselves.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to the particular requirements and tasks of waste management companies, recycling companies or companies in the metal working industry.

Briquetting Press: ArnoBrik
Baling Presses: ArnoPressK & ArnoPressD
Cast Iron Breaker & Rail Breaker
Scrap Shears: ArnoCut
Single Shaft Shredder: ArnoShred
Drum Screen: ArnoSort