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The World’s strongest and most productive briquetting press proven in full operation

How High-performance cost saving helps an aluminium producer: ATM Recyclingsystems ArnoBrik 22 in Action

The aluminium company ELVAL produces 260.000 t.p.y of over 40 different aluminium alloys in its Oinofyta plant in Greece (50 km north of Athens). The furnace creates huge slabs 0.6 m thick, up to 2.5 m wide and up to 9 m long.Hot rolling transforms these slabs into coils a few millimeters in thickness.

Before rolling, however, the raw slabs require machining to achieve a smooth and high-quality, crack-free surface. The resulting aluminium chips are collected for re-melting.
To improve handling, storage and melting performance, Elval operates a heavy-duty briquetting press.

Suitable for the required volume of chips, the largest and most powerful press globally available was selected for this job: ATM Recyclingsystems ArnoBrik 22.

With the ArnoBrik 22 briquetting press, Elval continuously process an average of
5.5 tonnes of aluminium chips per hour
on a 24/7 basis,
creating a 23 – 25 kg heavy briquette with 220 - 240mm diameter every 12 to 15 seconds.

The machine was commissioned in Greece in September 2015.

ATM Recyclingsystems supplied not only the briquetting press, but also the associated transport equipment, consisting of a series of chip conveyors, hopper screw conveyors, automatic dosing unit, slewable briquette conveyor and a container change operating console.

The ArnoBrik 22 briquetting press is driven by a 4 x 75 kW hydraulic power pack, powering the main press cylinder to an impressive maximum force of 12,500 kN.

Other features of this machine include:

  • High stability due to ATM's 3-columns technology; no other design principle diverts pressing forces more effectively.
    Columns with patented clamping nuts process millions of compacting cycles at full load;
  • Different feed variants for the press can be fitted to best match each specific input material;
  • Innovative hydraulics - ATM presses set the standard: more than 30% of the drive power can be saved due to the innovative filling valve technology at the pressing cylinder and PZT pump activation;
  • Moving tool carriage guarantees maximum compaction of the briquette;
  • Optimized briquette quality and output performance due to tailored tool diameters and materials;
  • Excellent transport and melting characteristics due to high briquette compaction
  • Re-cycling of extracted oils

Elval’s main reason of the investment in the ArnoBrik 22 system was the considerable amount of energy saving in the melting process and the more efficient recycling of Aluminium, in line with ELVAL’s environmental strategy.

The machine’s performance and reliability allows the customer also to take maximum advantage of the main benefits of aluminium chips briquetting:

  • Improved handling and storage due to volume reduction – briquettes out of an ArnoBrik press have a 10 times higher density compared to bulk aluminium chips;
  • Mitigation of the risk of premature swarf ignition during charging the melting furnace;
  • Less frequent charging of the melter necessary due to higher material density.