Used machines

Briquetting Press ATM HSB 18

Company: ATM
Type: HSB 18
Year: 2011

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Briquetting Press Arnold HSB 7

Company: ATM
Type: HSB 7
Year: 2002

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Briquetting Press ATM HSB 15

Company: ATM
Type: HSB 15
Year: 2001

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Paketierpresse ATM D 100-3

Company: ATM
Type: D 100-3
Year: 2015

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Baling Press ATM SP 40/30

Company: ATM
Type: SP 40/30
Year: 2000/2019

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Baling Press BIRIM

Company: Birim Makina
Type: BM 5 6060 UGA 3
Year: 2008

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Baling Press MOROS

Company: Moros
Type: GCF/J40 Automatic
Year: 1988

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Baling Press BACH

Company: Bach
Type: N N
Year: N N

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Baler Press Lindemann Sawes

Company: Lindemann
Type: Sawes 8
Year: 1969

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Baling Press Bollegraaf HBK 25

Company: Bollegraaf
Type: HBK 25
Year: 1982

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Bale conveyor ATM PF300/3500

Company: ATM
Type: PF300/3500
Year: 2005

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Car Crusher Arnold APD 220

Company: Arnold
Type: APD 220
Year: 1980

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Rail Breaker mobil

Company: ARNOLD
Type: ESB 125
Year: 2001

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Single Shaft Shredder SSE 2100-315

Company: ATM Recyclingsystems
Type: SSE 2100-315
Year: 2018

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Mr. Alfred ORTNER
mobile: +43 664 38 44 474

Mr. Ing. Franz DUSPIVA
mobile: +43 664 84 90 838

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Our website is constantly being updated. However, not all the offers are always visible. Some machines are in the assessment or preparation phase. We also have machines that are "marketed still" on request. Others are possibly already reserved, but not yet sold and could therefore come back to the market!

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